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Resources for Commenting on USDA Regs!

  • Access the Bullet Points & Comment Guide here

  • Access Dr. Clint Shock & Blu Fortner's study "Hemp & Its Regulation: The small background of THC in CBD Hemp" here

  • Access Rod Kight's insightful explanation of "Total-THC" here

The hot-button issue of the season is by far the USDA's DHPP regulations, more commonly known as the "Total-THC" rules. 

When they dropped on October 27, they caused a lot of confusion and panic in our community. So we studied up on them, brought in experts to teach about them, and set up a FREE Education/Action Rally to encourage everyone to do their part. 


Attendees used our pop-up laptop workstations to provide feedback and comments that the USDA needs in order to create fair and reasonable rules for our industry! 

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November 2019
Some Clarity on the Total-THC Rule

When the news dropped about the Total-THC Rule on October 29,
I spent the week interviewing Industry Leaders about this topic and gaining clarity on what this means for our industry.  As the "doom-and-gloom" reactions are a dime a dozen right now, I will not repeat them but offer the proactive advice I gleaned from my talks.  With emotions running high, it's easy to panic or despair.  Instead, let's LISTEN to some words of reason - and then - let's  UNITE TO TAKE ACTION!

Statement from Matt Cyrus (Oregon Industrial Hemp Farmers Association & Central Oregon Hemp Association):

"There is a one-year transition period for Oregon to be in compliance.  In the meantime, we will lobby to slow that down or reverse it.  The public can get involved right now by joining our organization and supporting our lobbyist Courtney Moran in her direct efforts in Salem & Washington."

Click here to join the OIHFA and become involved in the processes that affect your lives and livelihoods!

Statement from Barry Epling (Hemp Inc):

"Rules do not trump laws. Bureaucratic rules created by unelected officials cannot override laws like the 2018 Farm Bill, which was put into place by elected officials.  The USDA is obligated to put the draft up to public comment.  It's incumbent on each one of us to vigorously participate in the public comments and petitions.  If we push back strongly enough, they'll back off."


Click here to read up on the draft.  Click here to leave your comment.  The Public Comment period is open till December 30. Please encourage everyone you know to comment!

Statement from Richard Rose (www.therichardrosereport.com) This is an overview of main points that we should be making in our comments. Please push for:

 - 1% total THC, or even better “CBD:THC ratio >1” like the UN.
 - Test the whole plant, not just top 2”.
 - Test within 60 days planting not 15 of harvesting.
 - Be only concerned with psychoactive compounds, like Delta9. 
 - Define by end-use.
 - No regs on fiber.
 - No test if <2 acres.
 - Remediation allowed.
 - No mandatory certified seed, but provide a path to certifying new varieties.
 - No exorbitant fees.
 - Allow “felon rehabilitation” programs.
 - Encourage exports, crop and water programs, marketing programs. 
 - Grant and research dollars.
 - FDA Grandfather.
 - Allow smokeable. 

If they get enough comments, they’ll have to listen. Years ago we changed the course of the USDA organic program, with 100,000 comments. We can do that here too."

I hope this information helps to calm, regain focus and get inspired to take action!  Below is the petition circulating the internet along with updates to our Hemp University dates & program.

Sophia Blanton

Director, Hemp University
Here is the Change.org petition against the Total-THC Rule!
Sign it and PLEASE SHARE! 


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