Sunday, September 8:

"The Pre-Harvest Symposium" will help align & support Farmers, Entrepreneurs and Investors for a prosperous 2019 Harvest Season!

With the current explosion of Hemp licenses (4,400) and acreage (54,000)in Southern Oregon, it's clear that the industry's growth will require serious ongoing efforts in organization and substantial investments in key infrasructure.

This edition of Hemp University will bring innovations in Harvesting & Processing to the forefront as well as traditional practices in agriculture that have withstood the test of time and deserve consideration as we form a thriving local Hemp Economy.  As always, Hemp U will offer facilitated networking and food/refreshment service in order to make the day a productive and positive experience.  

MATT OCHOA (JEFFERSON PACKING HOUSE) - will strike the keynote with an overview of the industry along with strategies for collective efficiency and sustainability.

ERIC HEYDE (JEFFERSON HEMP EXCHANGE)will discuss drying methods from industries that can be adapted to Industrial Hemp.

MISTY BURRIS (THE GRANGE) - will show how traditional cooperative harvest practices can help cultivate a better Hemp Community.

PETER GENDRON (SUN GROWERS GUILD/OMNIBUDSMAN ENT.) - will offer strategies for extending the value of a harvest.

BRIAN WAIBEL (ANANDAPURE) - will discuss monetization strategies such as extraction futures contracts.

MAY 4 - After the impact made by the first Southern Oregon Hemp University on March 23, we offered a very special follow-up workshop on Saturday, May 4.
Three key instructors gave in-depth 90-minute classes for farmers about to put their crops in the ground. There was ample time for Q & A with our professionals as well as a selected vendor market for seeds, clones, soils & nutrients.  
Snacks and coffee were on hand the whole day, as well as a gourmet, catered late-lunch. Registration began at 11, with classes kicking off at noon and all activities lasting through six. There wasbe an hour and a half of free time for networking, Q & A, and browsing the vendor tables.
FARMER TOM LAUERMAN "GROWING PLANS & GREENHOUSES" 12PM-1:30, (with10-min. break) Tom dipped into his decades of experience to give farmers the common-sense advice they need about the basics of growing.  Methods of set-up, sun orientation and watering are among key topics, as well as greenhouses, which he affirms are essential to all good hemp farms.
WOODY THORPE "WORKING PROTOCOLS FOR SOIL HEALTH" 2PM- 3:30 (with10-min. break) - a Certified Crop Advisor & Sustainability Specialist, he focused on the soil ecosystem and how to improve it without chemicals. He taught about the simplicity/complexity of the soil system and lead farmers through its basic design.
PAUL KODYDEK, "THE ESSENTIALS ON SEEDS & NUTRIENTS"  4PM - 5:30 (with10-min. break) - from Rattlesnake Hemp, he is a Rogue Valley Master Grower well-known for problem-solving consultation for local farmers.  He taught about how to best get started by sharing his unique knowledge about seeds and nutrients.
His presentation included a special segment on irrigation.

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