Founder Bruce Perlowin's Vision:
the Renaissance of the American Small Family Farm
A true child of the 60's, one of Bruce's favorite sayings is "what I couldn't do in the 60's, I'll do in my seventies". During his whole storied life, from the "back-to-the-land" movements of the 60s, his notoriety as a 70's-era kingpin, to his activism and success in Medical Marijuana and Industrial Hemp, Bruce has always believed in the power of the land and the people.
Hemp Inc.'s three business pillars - Infrastructure, Education and Community, all intertwine in the activities of the company, which are guided by the belief that the Hemp Revolution is a powerful engine for social change and economic revival.
By empowering Hemp farmers and entrepreneurs with knowledge, processing infrastructure and support, we can help create thriving local communities in which the American Small Family Farm is once again a vital economic entity.  
Hemp University is key to the Hemp Revolution by focusing the efforts of its teachers and content on Family Farms and Small Businesses. Knowledge is Power, and by sharing knowledge, we grow together. 

"Could Hemp Help Save the Planet?"

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