Jan. 26 - Special Feature:

The Golden Grow Awards Hemp Show

 A full day of EDUCATION, NETWORKING & SUPPORT just got more interesting with the addition of an  OREGON-GROWN HEMP FLOWER CONTEST!

Contest Entries will be on display the entire day, with public voting on "The People's Choice" and The Awards as final event of the day, from 6-7!

 Hemp Flower Farmers from across Oregon have until Dec. 18 to:

Choose your best buds,
exemplary of your farm's mission and commitment to quality.
The rewards of sharing your top output with the Hemp Community, the media and the world. Winning an Industry Award immediately boosts your product value and brand profile!
Enter to Win
 Energize your new Growing Season with a Trophy, Quality Seal
& Brand Publicity!

Enter by December 18, 2019

Product delivery by January 7, 2020

Contest Entry Fee: $365(Includes ticket)

ALL Proceeds from this event go to

the solidarity Fundraiser!

 Hemp University believes in community, regeneration and resiliency. Industrial Hemp is still a new industry with unique challenges as it navigates the transition from Prohibition to Commodity.  In recognition of the intense season we've just put behind us, we've decided to donate all proceeds from the New Leaf Symposium to the "Solidarity Fundraiser". In cooperation with the Southern Oregon Hemp Co-Op, funds will be equally divided into three areas:  Support for bereaved families, Collective-Use Farm Equipment, and support for our representatives & counsel working in Salem & Washington on behalf of our industry's highest good. On Jan.26, we will ask YOU, the public to vote & help us decide!

Each ticket bought will contribute to the fundraiser, but in the Spirit of this Giving Season, we ask that you consider adding your support to the over $10,000 already collected!

Jan. 26


Thomas Wingens (Pacific West Mfg/Caldera Group) International Consultant in Critical CO2 Extraction - "High Technology and the Future of Hemp"

Matt Cyrus (Central Oregon Hemp Assoc., President of Deschutes County Farm Bureau, Oregon Industrial Hemp Farmers Assoc.) "Organizing the Collective for Success"

Bill Kelly (CannaBusiness Development) "Critical Advice on Business Planning for Industrial Hemp Farmers & Businesses"

GreenLight Law Group "Insight on Contracts, Legality & Liability Issues"

Eviane Ita-Coton (Cascade Hemp Collective) "The Future of Industrial Hemp"

Hemp Farmer's Panel (Farmer Tom Lauerman, Peter Delong, Amy Parscal, Paul Murdoch, Kerry Herndon) "What went right in 2019 and what we'll do differently in 2020"

Spearheading Community Action!

Screen Shot 2019-11-29 at 2.41.24 PM.png

Resources for Commenting on USDA Regs!

  • Access the Bullet Points & Comment Guide here

  • Access Dr. Clint Shock & Blu Fortner's study "Hemp & Its Regulation: The small background of THC in CBD Hemp" here

  • Access Rod Kight's insightful explanation of "Total-THC" here

The hot-button issue of the season is by far the USDA's DHPP regulations, more commonly known as the "Total-THC" rules. 

When they dropped on October 27, they caused a lot of confusion and panic in our community. So we studied up on them, brought in experts to teach about them, and set up a FREE Education/Action Rally to encourage everyone to do their part. 


Attendees used our pop-up laptop workstations to provide feedback and comments that the USDA needs in order to create fair and reasonable rules for our industry! 

September 8:
"The Pre-Harvest Symposium"
 It was a fun, energy-filled day! Lots of knowledge sharing, networking and public discourse about the Future of Hemp!
Watch the video clips below and enjoy the article about the growing "HempHive" that the Hemp University Symposiums bring together.

ROSEBUD ORIGINAL MEDIA - Hemp University Pre-Harvest Symposium – MailTribune.com

Screen Shot 2019-09-21 at 3.42.52 PM.png

Hemp U schools students trying to get into the growing businessAshlandDailyTidings.com


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