We've Changed Course for the Better!
We Hear You, Farmers, and we've made it easier for you to join the GGA!
It's been an intense harvest season as many navigated first harvests, scaled up or
meet with unpredictable challenges. We've all felt the stress of inadequate
resources & infrastructure this year, and we share the shock and grief at news of
extreme and sad events taking place in our community. These intense times have
brought valuable lessons for our whole community as we take stock in what
we've produced and plan for our future.
To help everyone who wants to participate, we have moved the
Hemp University Symposium & Golden Grow Awards to

Sunday, January 26, 2020

This will give competitors a chance to:
Get your harvest in, dried & cured!
Choose your best buds,
exemplary of your farm's mission and commitment to quality.
The rewards of sharing your top output with the Hemp Community, the media and the world. Winning an Industry Award immediately boosts your product value and brand profile!
Enter to Win
 Energize your new Growing Season with a Trophy, Quality Seal
& Brand Publicity!

New Deadlines:
Enter by December 18, 2019

Product delivery by January 7, 2020

Contest Entry Fee: $365

Converting the Gala to a Fundraiser

Everyone loves a party, and we are no different.  But the fact is that the 2019 Harvest Season was afflicted with extreme events and sad news of farmer suicides in the wake of failed crops and lost investments. At Hemp Inc and Hemp University, we believe that the energy and resources we would have put into a gala at this moment are much better re-directed into a Solidarity Fundraiser to help shift the focus and energy onto compassion for our fellow human beings and doing the right thing for our Community.  

Won't you join us in this effort?  We are partnering with the Southern Oregon Hemp Co-Op, who will be responsible for disbursing funds collected for three main areas:  Support for families who lost a loved one, Collective-Use Farm Equipment, and support for our Industry Lobbyist, Courtney Moran, working in Salem & Washington on behalf of our industry's highest good. 

September 8: "The Pre-Harvest Symposium"
 It was a fun, energy-filled day! Lots of knowledge sharing, networking and public discourse about the Future of Hemp!
Watch the video clips below and enjoy the article about the growing "HempHive" that the Hemp University Symposiums bring together.

ROSEBUD ORIGINAL MEDIA - Hemp University Pre-Harvest Symposium – MailTribune.com

Screen Shot 2019-09-21 at 3.42.52 PM.png

Hemp U schools students trying to get into the growing businessAshlandDailyTidings.com


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